Leading Home Builders In Palmer AK Share Key Design Tips for Senior Homes

It is usual for couples to want to downsize right after retirement. In this case, they need more of a vacation gateway that can afford them enhanced levels of comfort without the baggage involved in maintaining a big house. We are the finest home builders in Palmer AK, and we can help you design a house that is perfect for your aging needs.

When designing a home for seniors, we focus on ensuring they can age safely and comfortably. Because staircases tend to pose challenges when age brings about mobility issues and higher fall risks, we always recommend eliminating stairs whenever possible. A good number of retirees have no trouble climbing stairs, ramps, and front porches. However, planning a single level house ensures their home is still safe and comfortable as the years go by.

By the time most people hit 50, standing for long hours becomes a nightmare. We, therefore, include seating in the kitchen to make meal preparation easier. Built-in seating sections or breakfast nooks within the kitchen give seniors a comfortable area to relax as they season meat or chop vegetables.

Our designs for seniors often involve installing accessible features. For instance, we understand that the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house of an elderly couple. To take precautionary measures, we install higher toilets, showers with in-built seats, and bathtubs with low walls. Installing non-slip flooring instead of smooth tiles also helps to enhance safety.

It is hard to talk about safety without mentioning grab bars. Installing handholds is also instrumental in preventing accidents and falls. We recommend choosing a custom home design that has grab bars in by the toilet, next to the bed, and also in the bathtub.

The golden age also comes with some vision problems. For seniors, dimly lit hallways and rooms pose falling hazards and aggravate eyestrain. The perfect premise for a retiree should, therefore, have proper lighting. To adjust to their vision needs, we install additional lighting in all areas, especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

Areas such as the bedroom require softer lighting. This helps to promote a calm ambiance that allows seniors to sleep faster. To be on the safe side, we recommend installing dim and bright lights. Both can be used interchangeably, depending on your needs. Our seasoned team of contractors joins efforts to ensure you get a design plan that will not need touch-ups even as your needs change over the years.

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